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Bossa Nova artist, ukulele master, singer-songwriter artist, painter e-mail: official website: 


 Growing up at the foot of Mt. Fuji, he loved to draw from an early age. He wrote in his elementary school graduation book that he wanted to be a cartoonist or a painter. As an elementary school student, he won prizes at municipal and prefectural sketch competitions and other art exhibitions. In junior high school, he was taught poetry, wildflower painting, and nature observation through fieldwork as part of the school's educational system, and this gave him the joy of drawing pictures. In 1995, he came to New York City to serve on the music director's staff of his then music teacher, who had performed at Carnegie Hall. After arriving in New York, he became interested in modern and contemporary art. Around that time, he met MR GOTO (Katsuyoshi Goto) (deceased), a pop artist from Yamagata who was working on Super Realism. Around that time, he began to interact with artists who were active in New York. In 1997, he participated in a group exhibition organized by Mr. Goto, and presented a collage work in "Cats Like Tuna, Too" and an objet d'art in "Nude Rhythm" in 1998. However, he later devoted himself to music, performing blues and jazz, and working as a Bossa Nova artist and ukulele player. In 2014, she began working as a concert organizer and ukulele instructor at Ukehut, the only ukulele specialty store in New York City, and is currently the Music Director. In 2021, after a long hiatus, he picked up a paintbrush and began painting with acrylics. In 2022, he held his first painting exhibition, SAKAI ART Show, which was a great success, selling 11 paintings. Currently, he holds painting classes every Sunday morning, and plans to hold his second painting exhibition and live concert show, SAKAI ART Show, from January 1 to 31, 2023.


            SAKAI was born in Shizuoka Japan . 


           Began playing guitar as Professional 
          guitarist at Tokyo. 

           Had been playing various music around 
          Tokyo until in 1995. 

         SAKAI  Was performing at ”Blue Bird” that was 
          one of famous cabaret in Kawasaki city 
           in Japan.  

1995  Moved to Live in New York .

1997    Started to Play Blues 
            as SAKAI & HEAVY CLOUD 
            at The Wreck Room as Monthly Band. 

1999  Started to teach
           as SAKAI’s GUITAR LESSON. 

2000   Performed Improvisation opera 
           with Nina at Washington Square Park.  
           Theam was Global warming  isue. 

2001  Started Duo Project with nice bassist 
          Toshi Someya also, Hiromasa Mizokguchi 
         and   guitarist Eiji obata at Café Alyss 
         in Village. 
           (Lary colyel joined as a guest guitarist. ) 

2002   SAKAI Conducted band and play guitar 
           and composed songs for Peace concert 
            at Martin    Luther king  Jr high school. 
            (as SGI -USA ) 
            (Sunzo Ono ,Buster Wiliams, Lary Coryell,
             Taro koyama etc) 

2002   Played with Joe funato、 Eiji obata、 
           Toshi someya、Clarence、 
           Takamichi Haru、 Yoriko Hasaegawa、 
            Yoko Kawaguch etc. 

2002    Produced MIKI OJI Debut Concert 
            at café Del artiste 

2003     Recorded SAKAI’s First Leader Mini Album 

2003     Harem JAZZ BAND was broadcast 
             on "Zoom In Super"on  TV NIIPON 
             which is famous Japanese TV channel. 

2004    Performed with Joan Bender 
           at Hirokos Place 

2004   Performed  With Rio Tashima 

2005   Started to Perform as Bossa Nova Artist  
          at  KITAYA 

           Released Bossa Nova CD 
           " The Good Life "in May 

           Performed  Bossa Nova  
           at Wacoal Sport Party in June  

           Performed at CHOUX FACTORY in Village 

            Recorded Japanese Pops Singer 
           Yuka’s CD I’m so Happy in December 

2006    Released Second Bossa Nova CD 
             'MEDITATION 'in June. 

            Released CD MERIENDA 
            *Sound Track of "Merienda" that played 
            as  theater HARUKOBA's show 
             at Manhattan. 

2006   Sakai was on Ny local Japanease News paper  
           (Japaion,DalySun,Ny-Seikatsu ,, 
            Yomitaimu ,Pop-in.etc) 

           Became  Guitarist that  member of AMICA BAND  
           Vocal &Keyboard amica, 
           Bass Danny Zanker, 
           Drums Billy ficca (Television) 
          AMICA  BAND performed Xmas Concert 
          at ARUBA in December 

2007   AMICA Performed At Pianos in February 

           SAKAI   succeed Solo Concert 
           at QCC  in Feburury.  

           SAKAI&MIKI succeed Concert 
           at QCC in March. 

           AMICA BAND at Pianos in May 

           Perform Cabaret show as Debuted Actor. 
            at  MAXIM LOUNGE & KITAYA I in June  

           Played as Actor in Japanese Movie 
          in June  

           Performed Reception  MIEKO"s Party   
          at SOHO. 

          Perform as Naturamica LIVE 
          at Aruba in August 

          Naturamica Perform 
          At Side Walk Café in August 

          SAKAI Performed Bossa Nova 
          with Pete Luwis  at Aruba 

          All Nite Jazz Festival 
          at Saint Pete’s Church 
          with Suzan Ruel in October 
         ( Billy Talor,Benny Powell also attend 
          this Festival) 

          Pwerformed Bossa Nova With Prtrv Luwis 
          at  Maxim in November  

         Performed SAKAI’s NEW Oiginal Songs 
         at Think Coffee in November 

          Performed at Party 'The Empty Bowl'  
          at Ozzi's Coffee & tea In December 

         Perform ed Bossa Nova at Port Authority 
          in December 



   Sakai’s Original Songs&Bossa Nova 

            @Think Coffee in February

     April Evellyn& Frienda Bossa nova Free Concert 


       Susan Rule Concert in May

            by Fllashing Town Hall 

   @The Pomonok Senior Center 

   @The Flushing House


              Performed   with  Flutist Rodorig every Saturday 

              at Lua de Juares inApril


     Yuri Yamashita,     Percussion & Vocal 

   Rodrigo Bermudez ,      Flute 

   Evellyn Santos Bracy ,   Vocal  


   Live With Yuri@Luna de Juares in September


   September starts

            Gradation~Bossa Nova no kaze Recording 

            @ODA RECRDING  STUDIO 


    Every Monday Night performed

              at Raobata Bar Qoo until     

   Performed  until November 2011

             Performed as Grand finale artist  

            at International peace concert 

             at Central Park By UN 


           LIVE@Caffe Cielo in June

       LIVE at ORTINE  In July





               Since March  ,Performed with Keiji Yoshino 

               at Greenwichi Villege Bistro


     Performed with R&B singer TOMOKO   In June


              Original Album Gradation ~bossa Nova Nokaze                        released 

               on i-tunes,Amazon,Cdbaby  on October 1st
              Concert with Yoichiro Oda who is Sakai,s producer 

              at TomiJazz as CD release concert
        Perfomed at Orchanrd House Cafe in  October  17th


              Fm Radio station start to play SAKAI,s music on                       WDIY.881 in October

              Since that day Sakai,s music is always playing on                   that radio program Jazz Factory.


               Performed regularly  @Tomi Jazz in November


              sakai was introduced on



               Sakai introduces at All About Jazz



             Sakai,s music directed play “Akizakura”  at Tokyo                   ShinjyukuTainy Arise Thater Harukoba onDecember 7              to 11



              X,mas Concert@Tommijazz on1 7th




       New Years Live With Keiji yoshino&Ippei ichimaru                @Ido Sushi 

              New Years Live at Tomi Jazz

               New Years concert at Orchard House Cafe 

            Sakai on air in Japan Fm radio station.

           Hiroko no heya


           Performed at WAH Center (Williamsburg Art &                        Historical Center) in March


          Start to Performed at Greenwich village Bistro                         monthly every Friday Live music to 2014

          performed at Ortine  in May

         Become NEW YORK CITY RECORDS artist in May

         NY Ukulele festival  performed at New York Society for             Ethical Culture   in June




         Perform at Udon west start in May (Ever Tuesday)

        Performed and gave workshop New York Ukulele                     Festival 2013 in June

        Lina&Sakai Concert at Willowby Plaza Downtowm                   Brooklyn  by MMN inJune



        Sakai&The bossa nova breeze

        Ippei Ichimaru Percussion8 Bass ,Sanshin,Ukulele..

        Keiji Yoshino Bass& Guitar&Ukulele

        Rozanna weinberg Viola&Violin at NYCC   July 19th

       It was 25years anniversary of music life ..


       First time performed as Kaz&Sakai's Duo Live at Any               way Cafe  In October 28


       UKE HUT Presents special Showcase

       Special guest by SAKAI at sage theater  at Times Square        November 11th.

       Start every Tuesday night SAKAI's Bossa Nova                           Night@Kuboya 12/1

         Performed at ChoGa in December



          Performed Every Tuesday Kubota

          Saturday     Anywaycafe

         Lina&Sakai Recording 16 March starts

         Concert with YUICHIRO ODA & SATOSHI OSAWA LIVE at          The Cutting Room,June 18

         Bossa Nova live at The Tokyo Tapas Cafe start July

         Hiroshima Peace memorial day performing with ippei           at Union square  in Augunst

          Ukulele shop Ukehut grand opening party 10/31

          Lina&Sakai Special Live at The Fifth Estate Bar                         November 13

         Start work at ukehut Every Tuesday  since November              11 

        X,mas special concert with Lina&Sakai Cd relese                    concert December 11at Ukehut.

       X,was special concert with Eishin Nose December 17              ukehut.


        Ukehut Concert series  produce  by SAKAI starts on                 January.

        Morio Agata Concert with Eishin&Sakai at Ukehut 1/5 ay        Ukehut

       Eishin&Sakai duo  Concert at Ukehut 1/14 at Ukehut

       Kaz&Sakai performed at Tapeira other Fridays on                    February.



       Lina&Saki  FM radio debut  on at Wdiy.881.1 

      Duo with Nobuki Takkamen 2/2 at ukehut

      Kaz&Sakai   2/21                at Ukehut        

      Duo With Haruna Fukazawa  2/25 au ukehut

       Starts Performed with Bret Roberts on February 23rd at        Anyway cafe.

       Duo with Ippei Ichimaru  3/11 at Ukehut.

      Duo withMina Harada

       Formed Sakai Super Trio in April


      Starts Saturday Night Showcase by Sakai in May (still             happen now 2020 February)

       My musician who performed with my concerts.

       at Ukehut.

      Miki Yokoyama 

      Nabuko Jazz

      Mina Harada

       Eva Kano

      Ms Marie

      Lina Villegas

      Rina Komai

      Aya Morita


       Aki Saijyo

      Eiko Rikuhashi

     Akemi Yamada

     Eishin Nose



     Perform with Ayumi Takita  at Strawberry Fialds at                  Central Park as Hiroshima 70,s  anniversary peace event.      8/5




     Ever Saturday nigh,Every 2,3rd Wednesday Concert at            Ukehut.

      Regular Musician and singers

     Kaz&Sakai(Kazmogroove), Haruna Fukazawa,Nobuki               Takamen(Sakai Super Trio),Eiko Rikuhashi,Eishin Nose.        Shu Odamura.Chie Monoe.


    Lina Villegas,Miki Yokoyama,Ms marie,Akemi Yamada, Eva      Kano,Aya Morita,Meg Bless.


     Performed with Shu Odamura 1/30 

     Performed with Chie Monoe 6/18

    Performed with Meg Bless 7/30


Every Saturday Night showcase at 8:08pm at Ukehut




New artist sakai perform with:

Toshie Kimura,

Tania Chanti 

Rino Kono

Officially  Become Astoria Character 

2019 November 

The High-water Gig starts


Every Wednesday  night 7:30pm to 10pm The High-water

Ukehut Saturday night Showcase continue!!!

 Since March~August

No Live Music  

On air at

Japanese  TV BS1 special

Ukulele documental program  on June.


Every Satutday 7:30pm~

Online Live from Ukehut.

April , Re-start Live at Ukehut.

Kaz&Sakai,Sakai Super Trio,

 New Project :Pink Lagoon 

 with Rino Aise(Sanshin &Vocal)

perform at Brooklin Botanical Garden on April.

Sakai Super Trio  at Nomad at East village.


January 1st to 5th


(Exhibition and Musin live)



Venue &Event Place/ 
Chicago Blues ,Mannys Car Wash, Smalls 
Cleopatra's Needle, The Elbow Room , 
The Wreck room,Café Alyss, The Corner , 
Café del artista,Caravan of Dream, NAMA, 
C-note ,Crudo Bar .Maxim lounge, Kitaya, Ortine.

Cielo,NYCC, NYQ, Hiroko's Place ,Pianos, ARUBA, 
Think Coffee,  Luna de Juares,Carnegie Hall, CHoga,Ido Sushi,G
Madison Square garden , cafearise

Sage theater,Coffed,Tapaira,Anyway cafe,UdonWest,

Ukehut,Grenwchi Village Bistro,Kuboya,Tapas Bar. La  Flor.

Win bar.Ethical Curtual Center.The Highwater.Beans&Lager.

Astoria Brock Party,Kafuman Art district Fes.

,Union Square Park, Washington Square Park, 
Central Park, Battery Park, Prospect Park , 
Side Walk Cafe, 

Radio Startion



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